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Automatic Transmission Fluid     10W30 Product Information:  
Break-In Oils     • SynMax Classic Hot Rod engine oil is designed for
  Classic, Hot Rod, Sports Car or older Vintage
  motors (US or Foreign) 1994 or older with OEM
  specs for SAE 10w30.
• Helps motor during critical cold start-up periods
  with Diamond Like Additives (DLA) which provides a
  superior solid film lubricant & plating action.
  Protects vital engine parts at the first moment of
  zero oil pressure while reducing friction & freeing
  components. Also helps the motor return to original
• Long Term Storage additives as specified by US
• High levels of Zinc (ZDDP) (1500 ppm) with SynMax
  proprietary chemistries for anti-wear durability
  requiring no additional additive treatments with the
  highest allowable anti-wear formulation.
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    Application and Use:  
    • Vintage, Classic, Hot Rod & Sports Car formulation
  as designed with original SAE 10w30 API
  specification by the OEM when vehicle was built.
  Part# 052-771030   MSDS TDS VIDEO  
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